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Articles reflecting the many lessons I've learned so far.

Why I'm No Longer Running For President
October 24, 2020

How a brief stint following politics shaped my career plans

Embrace the Chaos in Roam
October 20, 2020

You're spending way too much time organizing your notes

How To Maintain A Writing Pipeline
October 16, 2020

The opposite of perfection is progress

Open Sourcing Through Twitch
October 13, 2020

I'm officially launching my new Twitch channel, where I broadcast my engineering live!

That Time I Tried Stand Up Comedy
October 09, 2020

Crickets. Crickets Everywhere

My Four Hour Morning Routine
October 06, 2020

Breaking down what I do each morning and why.

Discovering the Blockchain Through Wings
October 01, 2020

I share what I learned through building a blockchain app for Chainlink's Hackathon!

Chronicles of Digital Nomading: Detroit, Michigan
September 27, 2020

Reflecting on my month spent in Detroit, the second of our nomad journey.

My First Month As A Solopreneur
September 24, 2020

Reviewing my experience so far working for myself

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