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Articles reflecting the many lessons I've learned so far.

Learning About Teachable
January 19, 2021

Researching about the history and approach of one of my favorite companies to watch.

Stop Polling and Start Using Mutation Observer
January 09, 2021

How to use Mutation Observer to make your logic more intentional

2020 Year-End Review
January 04, 2021

Reflecting on my 2020 and looking ahead to 2021

Chronicles of Digital Nomading: San Diego, CA
January 01, 2021

Reflecting on the final stop of 2020!

If I Was Jack Dorsey
December 26, 2020

The changes I would make to improve my favorite social media platform

I'm a Bad Coder
December 22, 2020

How acknowledging one of my flaws informs how I approach being an engineer

My First Year Sober
November 28, 2020

Looking back on my decision to cut out alcohol from my life.

Chronicles of Digital Nomading: Raleigh, NC
November 25, 2020

Looking back on the November 2020 leg of my journey

Building React Extensions on React Applications
November 21, 2020

Here are the lessons and gotchas I learned from building extensions with React

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