This page lists all of my various interests and content that are actively influencing me. My hope is that you could find something here that is of interest to you too!

Core Beliefs

I'd like to consider myself a rational person that's open minded to new perspectives. Despite this, I do think it's valuable to have a couple of fundamental principles that anchor you. This allows you to build out the rest of your value set. These are mine. I consider them beliefs, because they are axioms that cannot be proven or disproven. They are my religion.

Bias Towards Transparency

Always opt to be as honest and transparent as humanly possible. I'm always asking, how could I be more public about what I'm doing?

Enlightened Self-Interest

This principle states that acting in the best interest of others is actually in our own best self interests. So serving others is basically the most selfish thing we could do!

Don't Attribute to Malice

Almost everything we attribute to malice could be attributed to ignorance. Understand why we act a certain way and discover how our premises differ.

Happiness Lies in Growth

Becoming rich brings a lot more joy than being rich. This applies to all things, not just money. So constantly look for ways to grow and learn.

Any System Can Be Gamed

The world runs on systems, it's how we've achieved great progress in society. The most robust systems are ones that thrive despite being gamed, not by avoiding it.

Good Problem Solvers are Optimists

No matter how dire a problem seems, being pessimistic neither inspires action nor brings us closer to a solution. To be an optimist is to say how do we solve this problem, not can we.

We're All Morons

The answer to imposter syndrome is realizing we're all underqualified. The key is to always be willing to learn and iterate towards being less imperfect.

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