Nomad, Engineer, and Writer aspiring to become a Public Citizen of the World

The current state of my personal monopoly is the intersection between digital nomading, open source engineering, and online writing. The combination will allow me to be a public citizen of the world - a member of society that views the whole world as his home, employer, and primary client.


I will be choosing a new city and Airbnb to stay in every month. Unlike most digital nomads, this will not be a solo venture. It is an explicit goal of mine to ensure that there is a community of people that stays with me in the place we stay in each month. I find that we do our most creative work in the presence of others and other people add to the serendipity I experience. I have a network of friends from MIT that have committed already to the first few months. For future months, I plan to book a place for around 6-12 people and reach out to those friends, friends of friends, and family to see who would want to commit for the stay. Splitting rentals across multiple people allow us to save money on location, food, and other necessities, allowing us to also increase our quality of life. If I build a strong enough network of travelers, then we could create a system where any given month we have N groups of people travelling to N different cities, all sharing our experiences and way of life.


The majority of my professional experience has been in engineering. But you wouldn’t be able to tell if you looked at my portfolio - almost all projects I’ve worked on were school projects that are now deleted or company projects that are now private to those organizations. I want to devote the majority of my creativity focus to building microtools - applying the system I developed in Write of Passage towards Engineering projects. I would define microtool as something with a narrow enough focus that could be built within a month. I want to find existing communities that I’m interested in, and build small tools that extend their lifestyle in ways they find valuable. Some of these communities include the roam cult, nodejs open source, digital nomads, and writers. I want to use my information capture to generate ideas towards what I’m interested in, narrow the scope to be shiny dimes, publish consistently, and share my progress with the world.


The early days of my blog have been mostly focused on sharing personal stories that give insight on lessons that others could learn from. This writing will evolve to share more insight into how I want to build my digital nomading community and share the tools that I’m building. I have established a system for publishing two articles a week and a newsletter on Sundays. I feel very confident that I will keep this momentum going.

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