This page lists all the projects that I am currently working on, I have worked on, and types of projects I am interested in working on. I consider places of employment both past and present as projects as well.

Current Projects

The introduction of native javascript blocks has blown the doors open to a whole new world of what Roam is now capable of. We could now think of Roam as a platform. We are still in the early days of development and seeing what the community is capable of building on top of it. These are the extensions that I'm building. They are ones that help me in my personal day-to-day workflows and hope that they empower the rest of the #roamcult as well.

A journal sharing app, in collaboration with Tuesday Labs. What started as a school project that I worked on and never touched after, Tuesday Labs took over and is making tremendous progress. It has inspired me to help out again, but under its vision. The premise is that you form a group with friends and up to once a day, journal about whatever's on your mind. The next morning, you will get an email with everyone who journaled the previous day. We view it as a new take on social media - a more thoughtful way to keep in touch with friends or family.

Previous Projects

My last internship while in college and my first full time job while out. The company aims to empower communities and governments to improve public safety. I get to work with a bunch of incredible people; some of my earliest mentors I've met through working here. It was also the first time where I learned I care about more than just coding. The company's growth and mission statement to improve an industry in desperate need of innovation are now two things I deeply value when deciding what to work on next.

Vargas Ventures
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