Nomad, Engineer, Writer

Aspiring to become a public citizen of the world.
Traveling to Different Cities as a Digital Nomad

I do not have a permanent address

I choose a new city to live every month with a group of friends

You can follow our journey here

If I come to a city near you, feel free to reach out!

Engineer Working Exclusively in Open Source

Helping others with open source issues

Experience with React, Serverless, Terraform, and Github Actions

Empowering the Roam cult with several extensions

All work publicly available through my GitHub

Writing to Help Myself and Others Learn

I publish a blog post a couple times a week on this site

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Writing spans topics that include engineering, personal stories, and my travels

I'm also active on Twitter and you can follow me below

This Intersection Makes Me A Public Citizen of the World

My address is planet earth

My software is open for anyone to use

My writing is available for anyone to see

All in an effort to make my home a better place

Vargas Ventures
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