Each project in my portfolio represents a separate business entity under my name. They are all built completely transparently, with open source code, analytics, & philosophy.


The web is filled with tools that attempt to be all in one platforms, which then leads to disparate data silos that try to capture your subscription. The best answer we have to interoperating between them is import/export. SamePage is a platform that treats these apps as clients to a decentralized protocol for thought, enabling users to collaborate across applications. App-native extensions on apps like Roam, LogSeq, Obsidian, Notion, and more will expose users to cross-app syncing, cross-app querying, and cross-app automations.

I started this LLC when I agreed to an ISA contract with Jonathan Hillis ( Through it, I built RoamJS ( which eventually spun out to its own separate company in SamePage. The ISA taught me valuable lessons around autonomy, working as a creator on the internet, and the associated challenges with doing so. I plan to keep this LLC to pay it forward one day.